Process modelling

Architect your business processes based upon the BPMN 2.0 standard with an intuitive drag and drop design tool.

App integration

Unify your productivity workflow with any combination of online services. Raise tasks, events, or emails, according to workflow you have visually created.

Workflow automation

No more manual task creation. Let your processes determine who does what and when those tasks are due.

Design processes

Link to a project management service in the toolbox on the left. You can then drag out that tool onto your diagram to identify a task that needs to be created in that app.

Pre-assign the team member, set a due date, and you can also specify what project or workspace the task goes into.

You could also automatically generate emails for notification purposes.

Process Model

Execute workflow

Start executing workflow according to your business processes.

Your process becomes a central point of collaboration and reference for your workflow where you can see who is doing what, where, in which app, how many times a task is being carried out, or how often it becomes overdue. At a glance you can anticipate what the next tasks are for your team, or what events are going to be raised for your services.

Each item of workflow can keep track of what stage an execution of the process is at. When you complete a task, the execution continues to the next connected tasks, and those tasks are automatically raised in their respective cloud service.


More flexibility for everyone

Not only can you define repeatable actions to avoid manual task assignment, you can make all your cloud apps work together according to the processes in your organsation.

Using Basecamp for project management but need to use Harvest for time tracking? No problem. Finished that task in Harvest but other team members prefer Podio or Asana? Raise tasks in there too.